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the plural form of other words b words ending in the letter o, ch, sh, ss or x become plural by adding es at the end of the word: tomato, tomato, brusheschurch, churchkiss, kissbox, box, but the plural form of loanwords or abbreviations ending in the letter o is only added with S:Dynamo, dynamo.

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English midterm review materials for last semester of Grade Two

Of course, it is the Benevolent Edition of the English midterm exam for Pingtung Middle School last semester in 2009-2010 school year in our school. Review the class seat number _ name of Unit1Topic1. I. Write the following words: Yes, no, no, come on, come on, join volleyball. Dream, dream grow, grow. The future famous. Arrive at ten o'clock. Shame 1 energetic activity. Flower, flower 1 exercise, practice. Very, very beautiful. Weekend. Weekend. Heart, heart, heart. Relax, relax. Pop 1 Take a break for 20 minutes. Choose to write the following phrases. Beautiful wall. Come on. Many, many leave at six.

photos of australian birds

When to add S to words

The plural form of a noun is usually followed by S:day, days, daydog, doghouse, houses, and the suffix P, K or F is pronounced as/. Besides, s reads /z/. When an s is added to a word ending in ce, ge, se or ze, a syllable (//Iz/) should be added to the pronunciation of the word. Other words whose plural form B ends with the letter O, ch, sh, ss or X become plural by adding es at the end of the word: tomato, tomatos, brusheschurch, churchkiss, kissbox, box, However, the plural forms of loanwords or abbreviations ending in the letter O are only S:dynamo, dynamo, dynamo, kimono, kimono photo, photopiano, pianosoprano, soprano. When an es is added after a word ending in ch, sh, ss or x, the pronunciation of the word should be added with a syllable (//Iz/).

All the blue words in the vocabulary of Oxford Primary School English 3a3b4a4b5a5b published by Jiangsu Education ...

What is

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