What dogs are there in the world? How to write the English letters of dogs?

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The breed of dangerous dogs that are forbidden to be kept, sold and bred in the general management area and the strict management area in Guangzhou: PitBullTerrier, bull terrier, StaffordshireTerrier, the latest list of forbidden dogs in Shenzhen: TibetanMastiff, Pitbull bull terrier. Argentine Du Gao

pitbullterriers, native to the United States, are also called American pit bulls. Originated in the 19th century, pit bulls are mainly made up of AMERICANSTAFFORDSHIRETERRIER and American bulldogs. It can be said that bits are stupid. Originated in the 19th century, pit bulls were mainly developed by AMERICANSTAFFORDSHIRETERRIER.

Second, the following 34 breeds of dogs: Mastiff, Malamute and fist, which animal is \"man's best friend\"? We all know this is a dog. Dogs will win people love and respect. Many give their lives to save mankind. For example, Bobby, Skye hound. Czech German shepherd dog is mainly a hybrid of German shepherd dog, which has the gene of wolf, and its appearance is so similar to that of wolf that it is often confused.

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