What dogs are there in the world? How to write the English letters of dogs?

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TibetanMastiff, PitBullTerrier, JapaneseTosa, Brazilian FilaBraziliero)bluejay, jaguar, junglecat, jaeger, Jellyfish, Jellyfish, Jellyfish.

terrier dog

Such as Mastiff, German Du Binquan, SaintBernardDog, Great Dane (such as. BichonFrise ShihTzu Chihuahua BostonTerrier Pomeranian

terrier dog

StandardPoodle: the most common Teddy poodle. MiniaturePoodle: Small in size and rich in hair. Black 1-year-old [1]pitbullterriers, weighing 30 kg [1], originated in the United States, also known as American pit bull. Originated in the 19th century, pit bulls were mainly developed by American staff. There are some small and medium-sized dog breeds that don't shed hair, and they are docile and odorless.

ChineseCrestedDog: This is a small breed with almost no hair. Pitbullterriers, native to the United States, are also called American pit bulls. Originated in the 19th century, pit bulls are mainly made up of AMERICANSTAFFORDSHIRETERRIER and American bulldogs. Saint Bernard is not on the list of forbidden dogs, but he is also a fierce dog. If you want to keep it, you should report it, and you should keep it in captivity or in captivity: Tibetan mastiff TibetanMastiff

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