English name of dog, dog IQ ranking

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BedlingtonTerrier, BirdTerrier, BullTerrier, KerryBlueTerrier, Shanghai's Regulations on Dog Breeding Management clearly stipulates that. No.32: ManchesterTerrier (manchester terrier) No.33: Samoyed (Samoyed Dog) No.34: FieldSpaniel (Field Hound), Newfoundland (Newfoundland Dog) and Australia Terrier (AustralianTerrier).

You can refer to this list, especially the various lists of all kinds of dogs in the second half: World Bulldog List. In 2008, the Federation of Canine Industry International announced pit bulls (bull terrier, USA. The four types of beagles, working dogs, guard dogs and pet dogs usually have broken tails, and some of them are for beauty and some for work. So not all dogs need to have their tails cut off.

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