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takecareofahamster Takecareofahamster, twounusualmice, the most popular movie themostpopularfilm, a 300-year-old turtle athree. Vowel: 1/i:/ Pronunciation rules: eeeaeieeiy words for example: threetreegreensheeepmeetbeefseeeeatteamate 30/z/Pronunciation rules: zs words for example.

pet turtle care

There is a cat, which is very fat and eats rats. Put down the plate and get to the gate. It's late. Wake in the morning, come to lake. Holding fork (fork), eating pork (nurse), losing purse (turtle), the pronunciation of purple o and its letter combination: a goat (goat) and a coat (coat).

Because many phonetic symbols can't be displayed, I suggest you download them from the library! A summary of the letters corresponding to phonetic symbols 1 yuan sound 1)[i:] Letter combination: eeeaeie(ie. According to BillandBob, there are bound to be two people mentioned in front, so the shopkeeper is chosen as two brothers, so C. Animals are our good friends. Without animals, we would be a lonely world. We should protect and take care of them. A lovely rabbit, a lovely hamster, some colorful fish and a strange-looking turtle.

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