Rubber snake, what is the secret of L4D2' s resurrection?

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pmap, ttank, kmark, ffriend, 胃 mouth, site, shine, hahave, tchina, tsbits (the complex number of bit), trtree, bbike, d dive, g glass, v five, there. Is this it? If so, I can record it for you in two days: my dad, bad temper, let me sad.

put down the plate and rush to the gate. It's already late. Wake in the morning, come to lake. Bag, pouch, pillowcase; Wallet, handbag and schoolbag are similar: black pronunciation: [blk] hand pronunciation: [hnd] apple pronunciation: [藡 p! Pronunciation of snake: [snake] Pronunciation of cat: [kt. Vowels a,e,i,o,u and their letter combinations: My dad (dad) has a bad temper, which makes me sad (sad). I have a cat (cat), which is very fat (fat) and specializes in eating rats. Put down the plate and rush to the gate.

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