What is the English name of a cat? What are some phrases about cats in English?

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curiosity kills the cat [dictionary ]CuriosityKillsTheCat Example: ifineropewesaycuriositykildthecat, itmaybetruetatallcatsinchinacanbegoodfriends! . All cats are gray in the dark. Example:

cats all cats

All cats are gray in the dark. Catsaregreyinthedark銆?First, the words are different. Second, the meanings are different. All is used as a noun to mean \"all; All. \" For example: Richandpoor,allmustdie No matter how poor you are, you will die. Tellmeallaboutit銆?Because-if the cat is 1, then-111 A cat is in the middle and twocatsareinfrontofacat.

It's easy to ride the horse stream, but it's difficult to force the horse to drink water. All all,both mean \"all\" and \"all\" But the usage is different: first, both means \"both\", and its antonym is inside. Such as: MyparentsbothlikeBeijingOpera Both and all are conjunctions in English, but their usage and meaning are different. Both is used to indicate the relationship between two or more people, things or concepts, meaning \"both\".

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