Molistudy's English handwritten newspaper on the theme of pets in Magic School

My pet 111 2024-02-02 15:51:54

petcatspet is used to modify cat. Nowadaysaincreasingnumberofpeoplelikekeepingpets,peopleformdifferentageslikevariouspets銆?Todaymoreandmorepeoplekeepanimalsforpets,likedogs,cats,rabbits,birds,fish,andsoon銆?

cats the best pet

or combine them. Dogsarefriendsofhumanbeings銆?Anditisknowntousthatdogsareveryhonest銆?Manypeopleliketokeepakindofannimalasapet,suchasdogs,cats,birds,andsoon銆?

I hope people just keep domestic animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters as pets. Domesticanimal pet pet this is a very humorous sentence, which snake said it. Hotdog hot dog (smoked sausage with bread); Petdog pet dog; Pet dog; Dogfood dog food; Worthless, worthless; Raincatsanddogs are raining cats and dogs; Bigdog watchdog; Big shot.

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