Chinese translation of Small, how do you say small in English?

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large cup, alargesizeglass/cupofcoffee medium cup, amediumsizeglass/cupofcoffee small cup, asmallsizeglass/cupofcoffee large cup, alargesizeglass. Oh ~ you can use smallsize to mean small fries, pizza and so on. The corresponding large portion is largesize.

cat small size

Coffee usually has a relatively special noun expression. The answer is as follows: l Longears, u Kicks with hindlegs, v Smallness, e Eating grass, e Kindness and docility. Musical instrument: trumpet size: small(size) account. Small, big and small.

size; Size (noun plural of size); A large number; . L-Large, large M-Middle, medium S-Small, small L-Large, large M-Middle, medium S-Small. No, because in English, large: large medium: medium small: small is our common LMS. I hope the above answers can help students! I wish my classmates progress in their studies.

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