How to pronounce snow in English?

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that's all right. Snowie superlative: snowie phrase loveSnowypandainsnowhillsnowmount, the snow-capped main peak of Lovesnow towering into the sky.

What words can nwyso form?

The word that NWYSO can compose music is snow. The pronunciation of the word snow: English sni and American snoi. First of all, snowy's adjective means \"snowy; Be covered with snow; White and flawless. \" Second, the difference between similar words snow can be used as both a noun (uncountable) and a verb. Thisissnow.snows is the third person singular form of the verb \"snow\" in the general tense. Itsnowstoday.snowing is the progressive tense of the verb \"snow\".

it doesn't matter. Comparative degree of word deformation: snowie superlative degree: snowylove. Snow-capped mountains, love snow. The snow-capped main peak stands high above all other peaks. The snow-capped main peak stands high above the mountains. I went to see him on a snowy day in London.

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