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how is that possible? The beautiful words used to describe dogs in English are: dog man's best friend, fox, animal shelter, dog blindness, dog loyalty to its owner, and dogs have also made many contributions to English. For example.

English short words to describe dogs

Beautiful words to describe dogs in English: dogs' best friends. He did a lot of things. He can protect his home. hecanguidetheblind銆?He is loyal to his master and never asks for a raise. Dogs have also made many contributions to English. For example,

How is that possible? How can the weatherman say that this is eating cats and dogs? Sothenextimeadodogliftsalegtoyourbicycle, don鈥榯chickhim.benddownandsay,

incanadayoucanfinddogs, cats, horses

In Canada, you can see cats, dogs and horses. It exists in almost every family. This is their pet. People like these pets and regard them as good friends. Before keeping these pets, people should take them to the animal hospital and give them injections so that they won't get sick. They have specialized animal food stores, although almost all kinds of stores can buy them. Some people spend about 200 Canadian dollars on animal food every month. When you are a guest in other people's homes,

and you are proud of them. You will also find a place to feed birds in almost every family's garden. All kinds of birds are very popular and provide abundant food. They come and go freely, and no one is allowed to kill them in Canada. They have laws against killing wild animals. If you kill animals, you will be punished. If an animal species happens to be run over by a car, people should feel sad. Canadians like animals for many reasons.

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