What does the aquarium mean? Ten English compositions about Father's Day

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In front of a huge window, a large aquarium with colored stones is like a small imitation aquarium, and the fish in the public aquarium are screaming loudly. In front of a big window stood an aquarium with colorful stones and an artistic replica of a feudal fortress.

What does Aquarium mean

Aquarium means: aquarium, fish tank; Aquarium. Examples related to aquariums: The Occasion BeginSwell with Visitor Helokalharurubium. The meeting began with a visit to the local aquarium. The fish in the public aquarium are so noisy that they forget their leisure. The fish in the fish tank have become so talkative that they have no place to hide.

Javert the Rock shows an aquarium. Inside the reef: The sea is beautiful, and the reef is covered with algae, just like the ecological exhibition in the aquarium. Previously, huge windows occupied a huge aquarium with colored stones and a small imitation of the Forbidden City castle. There is a fish tank in front of a big window. There are colorful stones and an artistic replica of a feudal fortress in the fish tank.

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