What are the common spoken languages? A little knowledge of simple English in Britain

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4 wide 4 absorption (absorption) 4 days 4 difference S5 means 5 to 5 and 5 who 5AS5 means 5 to 5, learning from 5 popular 5 6 and I write according to the sentence meaning, grammar knowledge, word collocation (and of course guessing). Finally, I will see if the sentence meaning is smooth.。

cat details in english

What are the common spoken English?

absolutely! Exactly! Very cute. Cute! Its amazing! Its amazing! Anytime! Anytime! Almost! Almost! Its over? Almost! It sucks. How terrible! After you. After you. About when? About when? Allset锛?Is everything all right? Allow me. Let me do it! Nonsense. Bullshit! Ridiculous! Behave yourself! Show some respect! Thats right. Thats right. Boring! What a bore! Thats great. You did a good job. Bull, thats great nonsense! Lets go Please. Check,

... intheworld. Ofalltheselanguages, English

46. Widely. Absorb (absorb) 4 Japan. The difference is 50. It means .52 pounds. Another 53. WHO. as55. It means 56. With 57.。

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