There is an urgent need for an English composition, and the English composition for the senior high school entrance examination is about 60 words.

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ifoundtrabbitsaveryvigilantalltimes銆?One day, the little rabbit didn't run over at once. Sarah: I think she is an antique. You know I can't classify animals.

nearby animal shelter

An English composition is urgently needed

{銈愩伄銇点伕銇点伕銇搞伕銇? The rabbit left four weeks ago and then came back. The roadside lawn suddenly stopped, pricked up its ears and looked around. Then it sticks its head out,

Sarah: My father bought it nearby yesterday. Tim: Oh, cool. Have you named it? Sarah: Mike, my brother. Tim: What's his name? Sarah: I think she is an antique. You know I don't like to classify animals.

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